Contoh Iklan Kesehatan Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cowater International Inc. is a Canadian private-sector international development and management consulting firm, with experience managing and implementing projects in more than 60 countries worldwide, including four current projects in Indonesia. We are currently seeking an experienced Capacity Building Coordinator to join our Jakarta-based team on the AusAID-funded Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction (MAMPU) program. Individuals who are qualified for the position outlined below are asked to send their CVs to with the subject line MAMPU-CB Coordinator.

Position Description:

The Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction program aims to improve the welfare of poor women in Indonesia. The program will support a selection of national and sub national women and gender-interested organisations and their local partners to forge coalitions with others within the public and private sectors. Working through multi-stakeholder processes, the organisations will analyse constraints, identify and test solutions, work with the media, and use an evidence base to advocate for change.

The programs efforts to strengthen the womens and gender-interested organisations and networks are a means to an end. Ultimately this programs success will be judged on the extent to which it has contributed towards an improvement in the lives of poor women.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Manage and oversee program design and delivery for all capacity building-related activities targeted at capacity development of non-governmental and Governmental partners;
Provide lead technical direction/technical assistance in activity planning for the programs capacity development strategy;
Participate in program monitoring, evaluating, and periodic reporting related to capacity building;
Serve as a liaison to partners in the field, including government officials and local organisations;
Coordinate with appropriate stakeholders in all aspects of project planning, monitoring, and implementation for all capacity building activities;
Work closely with selected local partners to ensure adequate capacity is built in various areas of the program; and
Perform other duties as assigned.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

Bachelors degree in a related field (Masters degree considered an asset);
A minimum of eight years related experience in implementing technical and organisational capacity building programs in developing countries;
Substantial demonstrated experience in building the capacity of non-governmental partners to influence change;
Proficiency with activities, theories, methods and technology in capacity building field, especially in supporting multi-stakeholder processes;
Demonstrated flexibility, adaptability and the ability to perform and collaborate under challenging conditions;
Ability to train and develop capacity in regional and national staff; and
Strong planning, community mobilisation and inter-cultural communication skills required;
Fluency in both Bahasa Indonesia and English (written and spoken).

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