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Consultancy Service

Reproductive Health Research

Islamic Relief (IR) is an international relief and development agency
striving to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world regardless of
colour, race or religion. Established in 1984 in response to the widespread
famine in Africa, Islamic Relief has grown to be a key, well known and
respected aid agency in disaster relief and the ongoing development of
people in over 25 countries. It specialises in Education & Training, Health
and Nutrition, Water & Sanitation, Income Generation, Supports toward
Vulnerable Children, Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness.

Islamic Relief Indonesia is part of Islamic Relief Worldwide which has been
working in Indonesia since 2003. Islamic relief provides service and support
for the communities in mandate areas, based on the MoU with Indonesia
Ministry of Home Affairs. There are some initiative sectors under Emergency
and Development program such as Shelter, Water and Sanitation. Health and
Nutrition, Livelihood, Child Welfare and Protection, Education, Marines
Fisheries, and Disaster Preparedness and Response. Throughout these sectors,
Islamic Relief Indonesia plays significant role in alleviating the suffering
and poverty of the suffering and poverty of the poorest people.

Part of Islamic Relief advocacy strategy is to address Global Hunger and
Gender Equality between 2012-2015 which focuses on IR s main aim
alleviating poverty and sufferingof the world poorest people.In the context
of Indonesia Country, Islamic Relief would like to see the possibility and
visibility of addressing the Gender Equality issues through intervention in
the area of Indonesia Woman Reproductive Health. The issue dynamic of Woman
Reproductive Health and baseline data need to be obtained through limited
scale of research.

Islamic Relief Indonesia is currently inviting individuals to be involved in
a research study around issues relating to Woman Reproductive Health Rights
in Indonesia as:

Position : Reproductive Health Research Consultant

Base : Jakarta

Work Period : 28 October 27 November 2013 (with possibility of


Alleviating poverty and suffering of the worlds poorest people is the
ultimate vision of IR. Tackling reproductive health issues is an integral
part of ending the suffering of millions of women across the world. Islamic
Relief is looking for an experienced Research Consultant with knowledge and
experience in conducting desk and field based research in Indonesia on
reproductive health rights covering below dimension of the research:

1. Anthropology and Sociology dimension of Indonesia Woman Reproductive

- Cultural background of reproductive health practices in each
research sites

- Variance of Indonesia Woman reproductive health practice in
relation with Societal background and Status

- Cultural and customary norms, rule, and regulation

2. Religious Dimension

- Beliefs in the stakeholders and community that support and
prevent Reproductive Health practices in Indonesia

- Religious reference; Mahzab, Quran, and Hadits as basis of
Reproductive Health practice in Indonesia and research site.

3. Legal & Policy Dimension

- International law, regulation, and policies preventing and
supporting Reproductive Health Practice

- National Law, regulation, policies on Reproductive Health

- Provincial/ District/ Sub District Regulation on Reproductive

4. Current Woman Health Reproductive practice in research site

- Subject of Reproductive Health Practice in research site

- Decision makers

- Consent toward the subject

- Reproductive Health practitioners/ providers

- Types of Woman Reproductive Health common practice occurred in
research site

- Economic transaction involved/ occurred

5. Current impact of Woman Reproductive Health practice

- Physical and health impact toward Subject in research site

- Cultural and customary impact toward the woman/ girl
beneficiaries and family

Research Methodology:

The research consultant is expected to conduct a mix of qualitative and
quantitative research methodologies to obtained the desired dynamic of
current Indonesia Woman Reproductive Health practice and its baseline data
in 3 province of Indonesia (Jakarta, West Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara)
through implementation of bellow data collection methods:

- Desk literature review

- Depth Interview toward data source representing the stakeholders
related institution and community level


- Meeting, Workshop, and Seminar

Job Purpose:

. To carry out field and desk based research on reproductive health
rights in Indonesia

. To be responsible for the coordination of focus groups in three
provinces in Indonesia

. Lead on carrying out analysis on results gathered from focus
groups and desk research

. Liaise with both Islamic Relief offices in Indonesia and
Birmingham, UK to carry out tasks and responsibilities.

. The Research Consultant will be expected to commit to 1 month work
(either all at once or at contractual hours; to be decided at the beginning
of the contract) with possibilities of an extension

Key Working Relationships:

. Frequent contact with Islamic Relief Worldwide Advocacy Department
and Islamic Relief Indonesia Office

. Facilitating and coordinating meetings on behalf of Islamic Relief

. Actively meeting with specialists in the field of reproductive
health to enhance knowledge of industry practices and networking in wider

. Actively engages and networks with the wider humanitarian aid
agency community by attending, participating and learning from conferences
and other public forums as well as representing Islamic Relief meaningfully.

. Communicates effectively and systematically across the
organisation to actively support cross-organisational processes

. Frequent and regular contact with direct reports to set, monitor
and manage work.

Management Scope:

. The research consultant will report directly to both IRW Advocacy
team in Birmingham and Child Protection specialist in Indonesia



. A degree in Social Sciences, International Development, Sociology
or Health. A Masters degree in womens health/international development is

. Proven experience in conducting research around womens health,
gender, child protection, female genital cutting and gender based violence.

. Knowledge of various local cultures in Indonesia.

. Experience in data gathering with various stakeholders at the
community level, desk & literature review, as well as data processing.

. Experience in analysing statistical data and producing reports and

. Experience in analysing complex information to deliver reports and
recommendations to key stakeholders.

. Experience in conducting in depth interview and focus group
discussions throughout Indonesia.


. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, Bahasa
Indonesia, and several Indonesia Local languages (primarily West Sumatra and
NTB Province Local language).

. A team player, able to work in a collaborative manner.

. Ability to communicate clearly and persuasively to high level
target audiences both professional/ specialist and lay audiences.

. Ability to write proposals for raising resources and managing
donor relations.


. Willingness and ability to travel throughout Indonesia

. A demonstrable commitment to poverty reduction and social justice

. Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and
multi-country team.

. Commitment to IRs values and objectives.


. Travel and Accommodation expenses will be provided by Islamic
Relief Indonesia as per policy.

. Consultancy Fee

Interested individuals should submit an expression of interest completed
with the profile and financial proposal not later than Sunday, 13 October
2013 to:

Best regards,

Human Resources Department

Islamic Relief Indonesia

<> facebook islamic relief
indonesia.jpg <> Islamic Relief Indonesia

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