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Currently we have immediate vacancy for high caliber Indonesians with high integrity to fill the following position:
Consultant for Assessment Mission on Gender Based Violence

Organizational Context :
In 2011, the Partnership for Governance Reform (PGR) received an award from USAID/Indonesia under the Component 1 of the IKAT-U.S. (Southeast Asia U.S. Partnership: Civil Societies Innovating Together). The program is called Building Sustainable Partnerships to promote Womens Political Representation in Southeast Asia. With this program, PGR is partnering with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) as well as the Indonesian Womens Coalition (KPI), Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) from Malaysia, the Womens Caucus from Timor-Leste, the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), and the Center for Popular Empowerment (CPE) from the Philippines.
The goal of the above program is to strengthen the political rights of women and democracy by advocating the promotion of increased womens political representation through regional partnership initiatives. In order to achieve this goal, the program will work toward the following objectives: (1) to increase capacity to conduct and collaborate on activities for the promotion of democracy in Southeast Asia; (2) to advocate policy frameworks towards the progress of achieving a minimum target of 30 percent womens political representation in Southeast Asia.
Kemitraan has successfully designed and managed the IKAT US Component 1 Programme above for two and a half years. In line with the objective one, Kemitraan is expected to enhance its capacity in designing the next possible regional program. The opportunity has come through the important discussion among the three governments, which are United States Government, Government of Indonesia (GoI) and Government of PNG (Papua New Guinea) regarding the importance of addressing gender based violence issue.
Summary of key functions :
The scope of work for the assessment mission is to produce the following results:

1. Compilation and review of Indonesias experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in
addressing, eliminating and preventing gender based violence both at the policies, implementation (policies and program) from Government initiatives and Non-Government initiatives.
2. Analysis of context, problems, and developmental issues which contribute to a better understanding of the root cause of gender-based violence in PNG, in doing so, the team will have better understanding the types and shape of GBV in PNG and the cultural, politic, and economic impact that such practices have in PNG.
3. Analysis of stakeholders who are actively engaged in the practices of GBV in PNG and those who are heavily involved in the elimination and protection of victims of gender-based violence
4. Analysis of current interventions and support in eliminating and protecting victims of GBV in PNG, particularly focusing educational and awareness initiatives concerning the practice of GBV in PNG, on the policies which eliminates the practice of GBV and programs, and services which protect and enhance the livelihoods of women who are victims of GBV in PNG.
5. Identification and analysis of effective regulations, policies and successful implementation,
integrated interventions and possible cooperation between the two countries in addressing gender based violence.
Therefore, the deliverables will be divided into four outputs:
1. Analysis report on Indonesias experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in addressing, eliminating and preventing gender based violence; both from the Government and NGOs experiences.
2. Analysis report and stakeholders mapping on PNGs situation in addressing gender based
3. Assessment methodology and tools for conducting field assessment mission in PNG on the
issue of gender based violence.
4. Final report assessment containing all deliverables and analysis on effective regulations,
policies and successful implementation, integrated interventions and possible cooperation
between the two countries in addressing gender based violence.
Recruitment Qualifications :

Doctor or Masters degree in social sciences or related disciplines with a specialization in

development and good governance

Minimum 7-10 years of experience internationally and in the local/national context
Excellent English fluency
Outstanding proven English writing, communications and analytical skills.
Possess editorial astuteness
Has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of governance and development issues
Experience in formulation of position or policy papers.
Able to work under tight schedule and in multi-disciplinary environment.

Please visit our website for more details of the position. Only application submitted through our website will be processed. All applications are appreciated and will be treated with confidential manner. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Application deadline :24 October 2013.

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