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The British Council in Indonesia is recruiting for the post of :
Jakarta (Temporary 2 Months)
The post holder will work closely with Exam Coordinator to develop, implement and maintain an integrated Exam activities that applies to the Councils Strategic Business Units
This position is offered for a fixed period of 2 month contract (temporary)

Key duties of this post include:
To manage the exams operations and business in Indonesia to achieve the targets
1. Manage the IELTS operations in accordance with the Administration manual
2. Ensure that all staff involved with IELTS materials are following the necessary security procedures and compliance with the Administrators manual.
3. Manage the pre and post test administrative tasks and oversee the test day and ensure compliance
4. Recruit sufficient venue staffs and ensure appropriate venue is available.
5. In consultation with Examinations Services Coordinator on delivering effective promotional activities to grow the IELTS business in Indonesia
6. Compliance with corporate guidelines and standards (e.g. Data protection act and BC records standards, Equal Opportunity Policy and Diversity Strategy, Procurement standards, FABS, BC Code of conducts, IT standards, etc) and with legislation or other external requirements
All financial records to be maintained in accordance with Essential Finance and through SAP
1. Complete daily revenue records for the exams business and assist ESC on quarterly reconciliation
2. Complete payment process for venue staffs
3. Process all payments through SAP and other agreed roles in SAP
To work closely with IELTS Registration Partners on all IELTS Administrative areas.
1. Provide knowledge and give consultation to all IELTS Registration Partners on administrative works and enquiries
2. Regularly contact IELTS Registration Partners to update BC/IELTS information and regulations
3. Ensure all works with agents comply and support exam business targets/goals.
To oversee the provision of a customer-friendly service
1. Respond to all enquiries appropriately and local policy guidelines, consulting ESC as necessary.
2. Be polite and helpful to enquirers and try to spend no more than five minutes with each enquirer if there are two or more calls waiting.
3. Mail information packs on request within five days and reply to all enquiries on Q&A web board within five working days.
4. Be responsible for updating and managing web pages whenever necessary.
The successful applicant will need to be able to demonstrate:
· Exam Management experience;
· Operations Management
· Relationship management;
· Excellent English and Indonesian communication skills;

Applicants who do not meet these requirements will not be short-listed for interview
A copy of the full job description and an application form can be downloaded from our website at www.britishcouncil.or.id You should return a completed application form through E-mail: job.vacancy@britishcouncil.or.id
Closing date for receipt of applications by 23.59 on Wednesday, 30 October 2013. It is essential that candidates use the application form. The British Council does not accept CVs in place of the completed application form and it is unable to respond to telephone enquiries.
The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community. We guarantee an interview to disabled candidates who meet the essential criteria.

The Kingdoms international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity

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