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The USAID project Prioritazing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesias Teachers, Administrators, and Students (PRIORITAS) will focus on capacity building and quality improvements for teacher training institutions (TTI) and for non-academic, pre-service teacher training providers. PRIORITAS will build the capacity of schools and MoEC, MORA national, provincial and district offices together with pre- and in-service teacher training organizations to coordinate, plan and train.

The PRIORITAS is currently seeking qualified individuals with wide networking among local government and schools to fill the positions of the
M/E & Performance Evaluation Specialist
This position to be based in Banten
The M/E & Performance Evaluation Specialists responsibilities may include:
1. Coordinate all M/E related activities in provincial level by designing and testing the evaluation instrument, recruiting and training the data collector/enumerator, designing and completing data collection process, including analyzing and reporting the result.

2. Ensure the M/E data available, accurate, and timely in accordance with the schedule

3. Responsible for maintaining and filing M/E data in provincial level.

4. Work together with other technical staff and District Coordinator in collecting data regarding program implementation such as numbers of training that have been implemented, number of participant and their characteristics, etc and education main data such as number of school, teacher and student in the district level.

5. Participate in the implementation of research and/or studies designed in National level


Minimum university degree in any major
at least three years experience at the same level and/or in education program in INGO;
Skills with computer literate, particularly the following software packages: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and other M/E software is preferably.
A good work ethic and strong desire to complete tasks in a timely manner as directed.
Ability to effectively organize, prioritize work assignments, and work well under pressure to meet deadlines
Ability to work independently and as a team member
Ability to appreciate international diversity and to establish effective working relationships with international clients
Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with supervisor and project staff
Commitment to basic principles of equity and to broader RTI ethical guidelines.
Good English proficiency.

To apply please send your CV and salary history no later than October 20, 2013 to :

prioritas-vacancy-banten@rti-indomd.rti.org <mailto:prioritas-vacancy-banten@rti-indomd.rti.org>

Please write down the position and your name in the title of your CV and subject line of your email. Interested parties should respond immediately in the above format and submit the application to above link. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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