Inpassing Guru 2014

Halliburton Indonesia Halliburton is recognized as one of the largest oilifield services companies in Indonesia. Halliburton Indonesia provides oilfield services and products to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide. Haliburton Indonesia is a key subsidiary of Halliburton Group, one of the world largest energy company, based in Houston Texas, United States. Halliburton Group has been active since 1919 and at present is supported by 10 product service lines (PSls) in 2 division units, namely Drilling and Evaluation and Completion and Production. In Indonesia, Halliburton Indonesia has strong reputation for more than 20 years to provides drilling and cementing services. Halliburton Indonesia is based in Jakarta and headquartered in Bldgs 107 Cilandak Commercial Estate Jl. Cilandak KKO Jakarta 12560.
To support their operations in Indonesia, Halliburton Indonesia are seeking highly qualified candidates for the fallowing positions:

Technician / Operator Assistant


  • D3 majoring in Mechanical, Mechatronic, Chemistry, Energy Conversion, Electronic or Electrical Engineering with minimum GPA: 2.70
  • Good Command of oral and written English
  • Have a strong interpersonal skills and organizational experience
  • Willing tobe lcated in a field area is Critical
  • Experience in pactical work
  • Only those who already graduated in 2012, 2013 and max February 2013 and never join Halliburton test befor are invited to apply
For further information about this program and how to apply, please refer official source from FT Undip on following link below. Candidates could apply from 1 November 2013 to 1 December 2013. Recruitment event will held on January 2014. Only short-listed candidates will be invited via e-mail/phone for Test and Interview. ( / Source)

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