Nikmatnya Ngentot Gadis Porong

Kabupaten Madiun Kab Madiun or the Regency of Madiun is a regency in East Java Province. The Regency of Madiun registered an area of 1,010.86 km². The Regency bordered to Bojonegoro regency in the north, Ponorogo regency in the south, Magetan and Ngawi regencies in the west and Nganjuk  in the East. The Regency of Madiun is administratively divided into 15 districts, 198 villages, and 8 urban villages. The Regency of Madiun is headed by a Regent and currently held by Muhtarom. According to the latest from Madiun Regency in Figures 2012 issued by Statistics Indonesia Madiun Regency office as cited by, the population of the Regency of Madiun in 2011 was 803,006 people.

Due to strengthen its team, Kabupaten Madiun open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as
For further information about jobs requirements and how to apply in each positions above, please refer official source from The Regency of Madiun on following link below. To apply, please submit your complete applications to Bupati Madiun Jl Alun-alun Utara No 4 Madiun 63121. Closing date 14 October 2013. All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially. Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process. To learn about CPNS test using Computer Assisted Test (CAT) system, please register here. ( / Source) 

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