Pendaftaran Cpns 2013 Di Pakam

ProRep is looking for a Grants/SAF Manager to be based in Jakarta. Please find the requirement below. Interested applicants are invited to send a cover letter and complete curriculum vitae stated 3 referees to

Deadline for Applications: October 25, 2013
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of the closing date, please assume that you have not been shortlisted.
The primary objective of ProRep is to increase the effectiveness of representative groups and institutions in Indonesia and, in doing so, bolster both democracy and good governance in Indonesia. The ProRep project will strengthen representation in three important areas:
First, it will build the capacity of member- and constituency-based based civil society organizations (CSOs) so that they can better represent the interests of their members and constituents at the national and/or local level.
Second, it will support independent analysis and public consideration of legislation and policies having a major impact on democratic governance.
Third, it will work with Indonesias key representative bodies primarily the House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat or DPR), but possibly also the Regional Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah or DPD) to help them become more effective, responsive and transparent.
Specific requirements
1. In cooperation with ProRep staff and PMU, develop a project-specific grants and subcontracts manual and related standard operating procedures (SOPs), to be approved by USAID, on procedures for solicitation, selection, award, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and close-out of local subcontracts and grants, as well as on coordination with local government stakeholders. Ensure that the manual incorporates procurement and accounting policies.
2. Ensure that subcontractors and grantees comply with all regulatory requirements (e.g., ADS, CFR, and OMB) in a satisfactory and professional manner.
3. Oversee overall policies, practices, and procedures related to all aspects of local subcontracts and grants including procurement and accounting under those subcontracts and grants for the ProRep project.
Review existing processes and provide guidance on appropriate procurement practices associated with competitive RFPs and RFAs, evaluation criteria, and evaluation of committee notes, etc.
5. In cooperation with ProRep staff and PMU, provide inputs to the draft manual(s) on financial, accounting, and administrative procedures for control of funds and expenditures, including appropriate financial reporting and authorizations for subcontractors and grantees.
6. When necessary and appropriate, perform pre-award assessments to determine applicant management and technical capacities to administer grant and subcontract awards.
7. Analyze, assess, and assist with budgetary and financial aspects of subcontract and grant proposals as well as following the award as necessary.
In collaboration with ProRep staff and PMU, review how the grantees and subcontractors manage procurement, including source, origin, inventory, and disposition of equipment, and assist them in improving their processes as necessary.
9. Liaise with other ProRep staff and supervise grant recipients and subcontract awardees so that recipients are provided with suitable advice and assistance on management, including finance and administration, as well as on all relevant technical components.
10. Monitor compliance with all terms of agreements governing the award of grants and subcontracts in cooperation with ProRep staff and the respective government partner agency(ies).
11. Draft, negotiate, and oversee initiation of local subcontract and grant agreements. In close consultation with the long-term technical team and monitoring and evaluation specialist, and providing inputs to the draft scopes of work and ensure that deliverables comply with terms and conditions of the awards.
12. Ensure that all files are maintained in a current,complete manner, in conformance with the Chemonics filing system, and that they are audit-ready at all times.
13. Support the acheivement of the overall ProRep project goals, including assisting with defining and monitoring indicators and reporting on those indicators on a regular basis as required.
14. Assist with conferences, workshops, trainings, and capacity building exercises relating to subcontract and grant awards.
Should training activities be conducted by a subcontractor and/or grantee, the SAF/Grants Manager will coordinate with counterparts to ensure that ProRep training SOPs are followed and that the quality of trainings are appropriate and acceptable to the project.
16. Perform any other relevant duties as assigned by the DCOP or Chief of Party.
Technical supervision
The Grants/SAF Manager will coordinate with the other Grants/SAF Manager, DCOP, COP, Parliamentary Specialist, Public Policy Specialist, Civil Society Specialist, and other technical staff as necessary. With DCOP concurrence, the Grants/SAF Manager may delegate his/her responsibilities on SAF grants monitoring activities to the other Grants/SAF Manager or DCOP in order to ensure effective grant and subcontract implementation, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation.
Reporting and Monitoring and Evaluation
The Grants/SAF Manager will report directly to the Deputy Chief of Party. He/she will prepare regular oral and written progress reports that demonstrate the status of project activities toward expected results, as well as other reports as required.
Specifically, the SAF/Grants Manager will contribute to the project quarterly reports and other project reports and deliverables produced by subcontractors and grantees, and other activities to be determined under Components 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
As part of the reporting processes, the SAF/Grants Manager will collect and provide data to the DCOP for relevant indicators related to subcontracts and grants on a timely basis.
As teamwork is crucial to the success of the project, the SAF/Grants Manager will be expected to coordinate work with other technical, managerial and administrative ProRep staff, as per direction from the DCOP and COP.
Time frame and Level of Effort
The assignment will begin on or about November 2013.

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