Pengumuman Tes Kategori 2 Luwu Utara

Pengumuman Tes Kategori 2 Luwu Utara - Pengumuman honorer k2 kemenag 2013 | lowongan pns, Pengumuman honorer k2 kemenag 2013 - berikut ini kampus-info akan memberikan informasi terkait pengumuman honorer k2 kemenag tahun 2013. daftar honorer kategori. Ini alamat website pengumuman hasil tes cpns 2013 online, Silahkan akses alamat link pengumuman hasil tkd cpns 2013 secara online tanggal 24 desember 2013 di alamat berikut ini:. Website pengumuman hasil tes cpns honorer k2 juga di jpnn, Pengumuman hasil tes cpns honorer k2 2013 akan diumumkan secara online melalui alamat 5 februari 2014. selain itu sebagai alternatif juga.

200x250 Solid Door

Chemonics International seeks a short-term Coastal Planning and Policy Specialist for the USAID-funded Indonesia Marine and Climate Change Support (IMACS) project. This project supports the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in improving sustained management of marine ecosystems by providing technical support for key marine activities with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), local communities, and the private sector.

Responsibilities include:

· Promoting engagement across GOI to develop policies on coastal degradation and climate change adaptation with a focus on Ministry of Environment.

· Building capacity of MMAF staff in interdisciplinary, national development of coastal community resilience and climate change adaptation policies.

· Supporting dialog between MMAF and local communities to adapt regulatory frameworks for coastal climate adaption practices including zoning, land and sea use planning.


· Advanced degree preferred

· Knowledge of Indonesias issues and policies on climate change adaptation and community resilience (CCAR).

· Experience implementing CCAR strategies with local and national level counterparts

· Previous work in professional training and institutional capacity building

· At least 7 years experience in a role relevant to the work listed above

· Proficiency speaking and writing in English

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume with the subject: ST Coastal Planning and Policy Specialist to as soon as possible but no later than November 8, 2013. Finalists will be contacted.

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